It’s RSRV DAY. Happy Birthday to our captain, who is now guiding us from above. Today is the Birthday of D9 co-founder, Nick, who we lost over a year ago. let’s all take this time to remember Nick and all he brought to this world. You are gone but never forgotten. #RSRV72FOREVER


Here is a video we made for him 2 years ago for his 41st Birthday 4.1 We miss you brotha! #NickLee #TheGeneral #OurMentor #A1ofAKindMind

Our Fall A 2015 Collection available at select retailers and online now!

Future Hendrix in the D9 Micro BFN Velour Sweat Suit for his new Video!

The Smoke Box w/ B-Real and Jamie Michelle

The West Coast OG rockin the DNine Skull Glitch Tee in the newest episode of  The Smoke Box with the beautiful Jamie Michelle. Shout out to B-Real aka Dr. GreenThumb!

The Game – The Documentary 2 – D9xWinner’s Circle Collab Preview

Rapper, The Game is getting ready to drop his new body of work – The Documentary 2. It will be a 2 part series, with more details to be released very soon. The album will be hitting the streets next month and D9 will have a special capsule collection to coincide with the release of his new album. Here is a sneak peek at some of the looks.

image1 image2 IMG_2611 IMG_2612

In Memory of Nick Lee – D9 Captain

It has been a little over a year since our D9 co-founder, Nick Lee, was taken away to a better place.

*November 12, 1972 – August 13, 2014

Nick was the backbone and driving force of the D9 movement. His energy and spirit was contagious. Nick had a vision and made sure it was seen. Whatever Nick decided to do, he did not stop until it was done. Nick always gravitated towards the fashion industry. In his earlier years, he was responsible for building a few retail clothing businesses, called SCHEME. We can tell you about the stories of how his persistence and ability to never give up. His attitude and drive opened the doors for him and his close associates to have access to brands that were impossible to open. Through the retail aspect of the business, Nick networked and met a lot of people that would come to remember his presence in his later venture, which was D9. We started D9 with an idea and a few bucks. Nick’s energy would he the driving force to allow the brand to grow, so fast, so quickly. Nick had a bit of impatience which made everyone around him work and move as quick as he did. Nick left an impression on everyone that he crossed paths with. Everyone that has met him, and even the the people that have not met him personally, but through his Instagram page, has been inspired and motivated by him.

Nick will never be forgotten and his legacy will live on through us. See you later Nick.

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Show Me The Money 4 – Korea (SMTM4)

Show Me The Money is a Korean reality competition show that revolves around hip hop music. The contestants are judged on their rapping ability, along with all the elements of being an entertainer. This current season is the 4th season and the highest viewed season thus far. This season, there are 4 Judges teams, which are made up of Team YG (Jinusean & Tablo), Team AOMG (Jay Park & Loco), Team Hi-Lite (Zico & Paloalto), and Team Brand New Music (San-E & Verbal Jint)

Members of Team YG and Team AOMG have been seen wearing D9 heavily throughout the whole season. Jay Park of Team AOMG is a good friend of the D9 family. Jay is a Seattle born b-boy who started in the K-Pop scene as part of a large boy group. He later branched off, went solo, and stated his own label called AOMG.

Two of the members of Team YG are OGs in the industry. Jinu and Sean, of Jinusean, are a couple of the original hip hop acts in Korean music. Jinu and Sean are very well respected by the other member of the music industry and they have helped to build the YG Entertainment brand. It is very humbling to see that both Jinu and Sean have been supporting the D9 movement.

Check out some screenshots from the show and you can check out the episodes with English subtitles on Youtube.

IMG_07582015-06-27 13.22.07 2015-06-27 13.22.13 2015-06-27 13.22.26 2015-06-27 15.29.32 2015-07-17 23.01.21 2015-07-18 06.33.28 2015-07-31 23.28.53 2015-07-31 23.28.59 2015-07-31 23.29.04 2015-07-31 23.29.12 2015-07-31 23.29.15 2015-07-31 23.53.07 2015-07-31 23.53.17 2015-08-07 22.31.06


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