Don’t FAKE the Funk!

People borrow styles and concepts all the time. This is nothing new in the creative world. Sometimes homage is paid to the original creators. These are all valid, yet, not always respected avenues of artist expression. D9 can appreciate a valid homage but we can NOT accept a straight COPY and STEAL.

This is not the first time and it probably will not be the last, but if your are going to STEAL our property, please make it look better then ours. Don’t try to save money by removing a color or two. Don’t try to save money by using msPaint to make a choppy tracing. Don’t downgrade our D9 name and quality. YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM US.

This is the BOOTLEG version of our “ROLLIN HANDS” design. We are not going to have crewneck sweatshirt versions of this style until FEBRUARY. You can tell by the lower quality graphic and poor design skills. This is not a D9 RESERVE authentic.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t FAKE the Funk!

  1. Man. I saw a black “Glow in the Dark” tee. Do yall make that one or is it a fake? I forgot where I saw it but please let me know if you do make it. Where can I buy it? Hopefully I can order it online. I live in Austin, TX.

    • we do have the glow in the dark version of our “rollin hands” tee and pullover hoodie. we also had glow in the dark versions of a couple spring and summer styles from last year. we have a few retailers in TX but we can do a paypal transaction if you are interested. let us know which style and size you need.

      • Black glow in the dark “rollin hands” t-shirt in a Large. How much and a picture please just to make sure it’s the right one that Im talking about. Thank you

  2. Quik question where do I buy a D9 reserve hat before my birthday on April 7 I’m trynna look Hellas fresh!! Haha there’s a location that this website gave me in Chicago but I wanted to know if they had them forsure?

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