Featured Fridays…….Skywalker OG Kush

Uh duh duh duh(how i feel after i take a fat hit of that OG!)……. iunno if about the rest of the world but here over on the left coast.  There are soooo many different types of OG Kush’s.  Mars gets you far Mars OG, Jupiter makes you stupider Jupiter OG, and walk on clouds with SKYWALKER OG.  Hahahaha  may sound lame but these are actual lines that budtenders inside the collectives have used on me to try and sell me on there OG.  It worked lol.

So lets start off with Skywalker OG Kush.  What can I say about this….Def indica dominant.  Out of all the OG’s out there.  I’d say that Jupiter and Skywalker are my favorites with Skywalker > Jupiter.  Top notch OG with of course that sour ass taste!  Bong, blunt, joint, vape, blah blah blah….Shit’ll put you on your ass and even get you up and at it to go do something.  HAHA!!!


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