D9 Velour Sets For The Summer.

If you grew up with hip-hop as the center of your music and fashion choices, you might be very familiar with a trend that was very popular during the early 2000s. the Phat Farm and Sean Jean velour sweatsuits were a fashion must at that time. If you are familiar with the trend, these pieces will really take you back to those day when the fashion was a direct translation to the music and culture that you defined. We bring back the Velour suit with a modern twist. We now offer the Velour Short Sweatsuit in 4 colors. Make sure to get yours on D9reserve.com.

_F5A1461_web _F5A1481_web _F5A1505_web _F5A1517_web (1) _F5A1517_web _F5A1578_web _F5A1679_web _F5A1866_web _F5A1481_web _F5A1505_web _F5A1512_web  _F5A1517_web _F5A1578_web _F5A1679_web _F5A1732_web _F5A1759_web _F5A1788_web _F5A1797_web _F5A1838_web _F5A1847_web _F5A1851_web _F5A1866_web _F5A1873_web _F5A1883_web _F5A1889_web _F5A1940_web _F5A1993_web_F5A2181_web _F5A2110_web

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