History By Dnine

We wanted to pay homage to Iceberg History with this special capsule collection to show the current generation a glimpse into one of the hottest brands in the 90s.
These premium pieces consist of over size Chenille patch work, appliqué and embroidery. Always the high level of quality that you are used to by D9.

Hopefully, you will be as excited as we are to enjoy the tribute to a brand we all loved when “hip hop fashion” was at its prime. Thank you for all the great memories and we hope to help educate the people about the fashion trends from the past.History By Dnine - 1History By Dnine - 22History By Dnine - 14History By Dnine - 26History By Dnine - 9History By Dnine - 19History By Dnine - 4History By Dnine - 28History By Dnine - 16History By Dnine - 18History By Dnine - 8History By Dnine - 7History By Dnine - 10History By Dnine - 11History By Dnine - 13History By Dnine - 2History By Dnine - 15History By Dnine - 24History By Dnine - 31History By Dnine - 6History By Dnine - 21History By Dnine - 29


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